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  Welcome to City CBT...

Nicola Martin
Nicola Martin MSc

As the Principal and Founder of City CBT Coaching I am delighted to welcome you to our website that is designed to guide you through the details of our six week-end CBT Coaching Diploma course.  If you have any additional queries or would like to speak to us directly please either call on 020 8675 1598 or email us.

Our training, which is held in central London, covers life coaching and executive coaching skills using the well-established transformational process of CBT.   Our Diploma course gives successful students the knowledge needed to create their own coaching practice and to start the process of joining recognised UK and international coaching associations.

We pride ourselves on providing professional and innovative training in an environment where it is easy to learn in a friendly, happy atmosphere.  We are committed to the philosophy of “what will work best not only for our clients - but for our students".

What is Coaching?...

Coaching has ‘grown up’ over the past decade and is now considered to be a powerful tool for individuals and companies.  It is interesting to note that 

...the booming growth in coaching is second only to that of the IT industry”


(Wilkins 2000, Zeus & Skiffington 2002, Griffiths 2005). 

Its benefits include...

For the Individual...

  • Helping individuals optimise their potential, in the areas of their lives that they choose to focus on, by bridging the gap between where they currently are and where they want to be
  • Coaching speeds up the individual’s ability to achieve their goals by clarifying their thinking and helping them devise strategies to dealing with obstacles and blocks.
  • Coaching can be a fun, lucrative and rewarding career.
For Companies...
  • Coaching has been shown to deliver a good return on investment (ROI)
    Personnel Today 2008
  • Coaching maximises an organisation’s human capital resources by helping employees to create a competitive advantage for themselves and their companies
  • It enables individuals to adapt to change in a confident and creative manner and to take on new jobs and new challenges without carrying the inhibitions and self-limiting thinking which may have blocked their progress in the past
  • As such, Coaching can decrease absenteeism and increase the retention of employees by increasing a sense of well being and achievement
  • It is known that 'happy' company employees create bigger profits


What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?...

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
(CBT) has an excellent record in achieving long lasting changes within an individual.  Although CBT, as the name suggests, is most often associated with ‘therapy’ it is well known that its philosophical stance and powerful techniques can be applied in many different areas.  Cognitive behavioural approaches to coaching are now well established and it is one of the most researched, effective and extensively used forms of coaching.  It is now widely believed that CBT not only works ‘best’ in the therapy room but it is also ‘best’ in business coaching. 
  • CBT has been consistently proven to work in assisting individuals to achieve their potential and reach their goals.
  • CBT challenges debilitating beliefs, enhances motivation, self worth and problem solving abilities.
  • CBT is consistently goal orientated and aims to promote new thoughts and behaviours to the point where they become internalised as new helpful habits.
  • CBT meets the demands of the highly intellectual client as well as being able to cater to the needs of those less academically inclined.
  • CBT importantly enables the client to achieve independence from their coach by teaching them to ‘coach themselves’.
Our Cognitive Behavioural Coaching training is designed not only to teach you how to help others achieve their goals but it will change your thinking and behaviour to enable you to lead a happier more successful life. 

What is CBT Coaching?...

CBT Coaching applies the techniques of CBT in a non-therapeutic way to the problems of every day life enabling individuals to rapidly and efficiently reach their goals.

In a corporate context business coaching can help Managers and staff at all levels of the organisation address career-blocking problems quickly and effectively using cost and time effective CBT Coaching.

Who would benefit from training with us?
  • If you would like a new career path as a coach this Diploma will give you the relevant skills and enable you to join credible coaching associations.
  • If you are an existing therapist and would like to add coaching to your repertoire you will learn the relevant skills to incorporate coaching into your existing practice.
  • If you would like to improve your mentoring skills within your organisation this diploma will give you the confidence to do so.
  • If you would like to learn how to coach yourself and perhaps also those that you associate with this Diploma is aimed at giving you the requisite skills.
If you are genuinely interested in helping other people or yourself – join us on our next CBT Coaching Diploma



Five good reasons for training with City CBT

• Professional tuition...

Delivered by highly qualified personable lecturers


• Accreditation...

Course designed to meet the requirements of credible associations


• A qualification to be proud of...

Scientifically proven techniques presented


• A new career path...

Add to your existing skills or start the process of a brand new career


• Easy to get to...

Courses held in Central London

City CBT Coaching College, 28 Tantallon Road, London, SW12 8DG Tel:+44 (0) 20 8675 1598 Email:
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